My 6 Changes

Tracking and Progress and Random-ness

Where, Where did the time go?
A Classic Barry Manilow Song


  • 29 Days at a time...
  • A Photo A Day 
  • Hacking Away at the Unessential (i.e, actually taking action to decrease my stuff)
  • DECREASE (weight and clutter)
  • Perfection is the enemy of Good.

I still have smaller goals and things I want to do and achieve (like sending birthday and anniversary and no-reason-at-all-but-this-card-made-me-think-of-you cards!), but small steps, that are not perfect, for only 29 days at a time (see this post on my other blog...)... that is my journey. I can do anything for 15 minutes, and I can do anything for 29 days.


A  Bust.
Did better waking up earlier more consistently.
We got the back yard landscaped with the plan of raised bed gardening and planting some trees.

Jan/Feb = Medifast and losing weight. 

Developing routines that align with this 127-week change of eating. Medifast is not a way of life; Moderately Low-Carb eating is. Eating every two or three hours (approximately 100 calorie nutrient dense/better for your body snacks) is a WOL (Way Of Life). Planning a balanced, healthy main meal in the evening is a WOL. When I start maintenance sometime next year, those two months should be a two-month focus as well, as it will be a major adjustment (should be around Jun/Jul/Aug of 2012).

Mar/Apr = Going to Bed early and waking up between 5am and 5:30 am every day. 

Because I enjoy my Night Owl ways, I'm giving myself a little leeway in the "Rising with the Sun" change.  Eventually I do want to get up with the sun and go to bed shortly after the sun goes down (Farmer Fashion) because it makes healthy sense.

My plan for the extra hours in the mornings: in these two months to work up to 45 minutes of exercise every day; 15 - 30 minutes of house chores 6 days a week. 30-45 minutes of Music Goal working toward every day.

May/Jun = Learn and Action: Organic Gardening the Arizona Way.

Composting. Square Foot Gardening. Kitchen Garden. Herb Garden and Herbal Remedies. To Build a Compost Bin and one 16 square foot Above-Ground Garden bed.

Jul/Aug = Making Homemade Convenience Foods and Storing Them

Sep/Oct = [1] ? Reading all the books I have; [2] ? Make Cards for the following year ONLY using craft supplies I have on hand in my stash (nothing new purchased except glue, adhesive and maybe some cardstock & envelopes for cards) I like this idea a lot!

Nov/Dec = [1] ?Handmade Holidays - gifts by Carrie. Simple, thoughtful, specific to the person.